Flywoo Goku F722 30x30 Flight Controller - MPU6000 or Dual Gyro ICM20689 & MPU6000

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Flywoo offers their F722 flight controller with single or dual gyros. This is a full featured FC with plenty of UARTs and motor outs, as well as dual BECs and a camera switcher. This 30x30 version even has a VTX power switch!

Be sure to choose which gyro version you prefer, the classic standalone MPU6000 or the dual gyro ICM20689 & MPU6000 setup.  

We also carry the Goku F722 Flight Controller in 20x20 versions.

Check out all our 30x30 Flight Controllers, and all our Flywoo gear!


  • Single or Dual Gyro Variants
  • Dual BECs (5V 2A & 9V 2A)
  • Dual Camera Switch & Cam Control
  • VTX Power Switch
  • Barometer
  • 6 Uarts
  • 6 Motor Outputs
  • Supports SBUS, iBUS, Spektrum & Crossfire Receivers


  • Input Voltage: 3-8s (Max 50V)
  • MCU: STM32F722RET6 216MHz
  • GYRO:
    -Versions1: ICM20689 & MPU6000
    -Versions2: MPU6000
  • BARO: BMP280
  • FLASH: 16M
  • BEC: 5V 2A/9V 2A
  • UARTS: 6 (UART1,2,3,4,5,6)
  • Motor Outputs: 6
  • Dual Camera Switch
  • Supports Camera Menu Settings (Cam Control)
  • Firmware: FLYWOOF722DUAL
  • Dimensions: 36x39mm
  • Mounting: 30.5x30.5mm, M3
  • Weight:7.3g


  • 1x Flywoo Goku F722 Mini Dual 20x20 Flight Controller - MPU6000 or Dual