Foxeer Micro Lollipop Long 5.8GHz 90° SMA Antenna - RHCP

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This version of the micro-lollipop is made specifically for your goggles. A 15cm flexible cable and a 90° SMA makes this a great lightweight option for your goggle module.

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  • Smaller, Lighter but stronger
  • Durable structure
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • 15cm long
  • Flexible cable


  • Center Frequency: 5.7GHz
  • Gain: 2.5dBi
  • Axial Ratio: Close to 1
  • Band Width: 5.5G~6GHz
  • Radiation Efficiency: 98%
  • SWR: 1.06 at Center Frequency
  • Connector: SMA
  • Dimension: 11*150mm
  • Cable Length: 133mm
  • Polarization: RHCP/LHCP
  • Case Material: PC+ABS
  • Cable: SFX086
  • Weight: 9 Grams


  • 1x Foxeer Micro Lollipop Long 5.8GHz 90° SMA Antenna