FPV Cycle Sonicare 5" Frame Kit

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The Sonicare frame is a top performer and is solid as a rock right off the bench. This lightweight frame was carefully and meticulously designed by the folks at FPV Cycle. 

The Sonicare frame goes above and beyond just normal construction. With vibrational noise and resonance in mind, the frame has been tested extensively and has no significant resonance frequency below ~250hz. 

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This frame only accepts 20x20 and 25.5x25.5 electronic mounting. A simple adapter for 30.5x30.5/30x30 will come soon.


  • GoPro mount platform features on the fly adjustable angle.
  • True X layout with no GoPro in view with low tilt
  • Unique arm structure with significantly enhanced vibrational management
  • Well constructed carbon and custom carbon structure for arms.
  • No stack screws touch any arm parts. No arm/stack integration.
  • Two screws per independent arm with bracing against other arms. Easy swaps and secure fit.
  • 20mm standoffs/build height
  • 12.9 hardness steel screws and steel press-nuts.



  • Propeller Size: 5.21"
  • FC Pattern: 25x25 Whoop and 20x20 Mounting
  • FPV Cam Spacing: 20mm
  • Weight: 110g Fully Built


  • 1x FPV Cycle Sonicare 5" Frame Kit