FPV Cycle Cineglide 5" Frame for DJI

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This frame is based on the existing Glide design and is intended to make primarily cinematic style flying easier and more manageable with no props in view of the GoPro/HD camera.  The GoPro/HD camera mount is lowered onto the main deck and with a build height of 20mm, the GoPro/HD camera in line with the battery.  This tidy vertical weight distribution along with the wide stance drastically improves roll performance.  Pitch performance is somewhat sacrificed as a result of the dead cat layout but when flying cinematically we’re generally not doing flips.  Nearly all aspects of the frame are easily accessible and repairable without significant disassembly and the GoPro/HD camera mount platform is interchangeable between the Fouride and CineSplore.

Most similarly designed setups with a lowered GoPro/HD camera place the FPV camera on top of the GoPro/HD camera however this usually requires large, heavy and expensive 3D prints and are less than ideal for judging altitude when flying low.  With the camera under the GoPro/HD camera, there’s nearly no chance of flying low enough to scrape your props and low altitude control is more straightforward and manageable.  The carbon plates holding the camera also provide nice camera protection albeit the best protection is not hitting anything and the low camera position helps make that easier to judge.

This frame fits a full size DJI air unit however we strongly recommend using the Vista instead as it’s just a better fit overall and simplifies everything.  You’ll want to use the long camera wire...we’ve got custom longer cables on the way so you can put the Vista in the back.

The CineGlide is designed to be a workhorse with conveniences such as easily accessible camera mounting platforms, improved performance where it counts, durability and quick repairability if needed.  It’s intended to help make you look like a ‘professional’ on a job site instead of fiddling with your gear.

We STRONGLY recommend using quality hex drivers such as MIP drivers to assemble this and every frame.  The fit of the screws through the 2mm plates are snug to assure a proper fit over the life of the frame.

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  • TPU Printed GoPro mount NOT included in this kit
  • Fits 5.1” props with a GoPro up front, larger props if narrower camera
  • 16x16 and 19x19 motor mount pattern with ample motor bumper protection
  • 2mm body plates, 5mm arms, 1.5mm top plate, 1.5mm camera plates
  • Frame weight including hardware: 120g
  • Dead Cat layout with no props in view
  • 243mm diagonal size, 206mm width, 144mm length (motor center to motor center)
  • One central 30x30/20x20 mounting platform with a secondary 20x20 platform in the rear
  • None of the stack screws touch any arm parts. No arm/stack integration.
  • Two screws per arm with bracing against each other. Easy swaps and secure fit.
  • 20mm build height/standoffs, 25mm camera height (micro and nano sized cameras)
  • GoPro mount platform interchangeable with Fouride and CineSplore
  • 12.9 hardness steel gold screws and steel press-nuts (screws will be black in the future)


  • 1x FPV Cycle Cineglide 5" Frame for DJI