FPV Cycle Cinesplore 3" Cinewhoop Frame

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This is a mega-cinewhoop frame not unlike any other 3” ducted design. It is NOT intended to be an acrobatic machine. It is intended for slow-ish, stable, controlled flight with the payload of a GoPro Hero 8 or similar with a TPU mount. The frame is specifically designed to be lightweight (by comparison to others), durable, easy to build/repair and cost effective to maintain. It has two 20x20 mounting platforms and one Toothpick style whoop board mount (two separate stack platforms). It is designed to fit analog components or the Vista unit. The GoPro/HD mounting platform is the same as on the CineGlide and Fouride. Camera mounts for one will be easy to swap from frame to frame.

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  • 155mm Wheelbase
  • 12x12 M2 motor mounting platform ONLY
  • Two 20x20 stacks or one 20x20 and one Toothpick board
  • Toothpick/whoop mount fits 25.4x25.4 through 26.5x26.5 size
  • TPU FPV cam mount made for mini size, will stretch to fit micro too
  • 100% DJI Vista support and strongly encouraged
  • 55g without Ducts
  • 101g with Ducts


Frame Only. Ducts Not Included

  • 1x FPV Cycle Cinesplore 3" Cinewhoop Frame