FrSky Vantac Lotus Style CNC Aluminum Transmitter Stick Ends M3 or M4 - Choose Size & Color

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Available in M3 or M4 threading. Choose the correct size for your transmitter:

  • M4 fits Horus, X9E, and  M7/M9 Hall Gimbals
  • M3 fits STOCK Taranis & QX7 Gimbals

The Lotus Style stick end is a grippy all around stick option. It's perfect for those with a hybrid grip, where the Grand Lotus and Umbrella are more geared to thumbers and the Pole Style more to pinchers.

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  • Brand: Vantac ( Sub-brand of FrSky )
  • Model Name: 3D M4 Gimbal stick ends
  • Type: Lotus
  • Color: Red, Black, Gold and Blue
  • M4 Threads: FrSky M7, M9 and M9-R gimbals, and Horus X10 and X10S, Horus X12S, Taranis X9E, X9D Plus Special Edition gimbals
  • M3 Threads: For Stock FrSky Taranis Q X7,  X9D Plus gimbals and JR/Futaba gimbals 
  • High Quality Aluminum Gimbal Sticks
  • Anodized  Finish


  • 2x Stick Ends