FS-RX2A Pro 2.4GHz Micro Receiver - FlySky Compatible - Choose Your Version

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An old classic and a new revision, the RX2A Pro and Pro V1 are just what you need in a FlySky compatible micro RX!

Choose between the RX2A Pro (solder pads and soldered antenna) and the RX2A Pro V1 (plug and IPEX antenna)

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FS-RX2A Pro & Pro V1 

  • Compitable Transmitter: All AFHDS 2A Transmitter, for example FS-I6,FS-I6X,FS-I6S,FS-TM8,FS-TM10,FS-I10.
  • Channel: 10(IBUS), 8(PPM)
  • RF Range: 2.408-2.475GHZ
  • Number of bands: 135
  • RX Sensitivity: -92dBm
  • 2.4GHz protocol: AFHDS 2A
  • Signal output: IBUS, PPM
  • Antenne length: 33mm
  • Power input: 3.3-5V
  • Control distance: 500m+
  • Current: 30MA
  • Size: 12*15mm
  • Weight: 0.9g

Binding Procedure

  • 1. Press and hold the Binding button, and supply power to the receiver, blue LED blinks fast means entering the binding mode.
  • 2. Make the transmitter enter BIND mode. 
  • 3. The LED indicator become slowly blink means the binding is succeed.
  • 4. Make the transmitter quit the BIND mode, the receiver LED indicator stay on means receiving signal.


    • 1x FS-RX2A Pro 2.4GHz FlySky Compatible RC Receiver - Choose Version