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HelioRC - Gatesman Frame

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This frame was designed by Bryant Barnard to acknowledge and celebrate the life of Ryan Gatesman.

The objective for the sale of this frame is to circumvent the funeral cost paid by the Gatesman family for the cremation of Ryan Gatesman.

Craft Description

The “Gatesman” is a 5” true x bottom mount frame weighing in at 68g dry (w/out hardware) and 90g with hardware. It sports a Z-style configuration, where the arms are mounted below the bottom plate and the back arms are mounted atop the bottom plate. All the arms are modular and are designed to be used independently of one another. For instance, the arm for motor 1 can be used for motor 3, vice versa.

The arms were designed with built-in motor knuckles and a Y-style connection system to join the arms. This design applies lateral forces of impacts to the arm bolts and the faying surfaces of both arms instead of one to provide extra rigidity in a crash. Additionally, there are two separate 1.5mm carbon fiber plates to sandwich the arms and bottom plate together.


  • 5” True X Bottom mount frame (68g dry, 90g with hardware) built for a Z-configuration – front arms on bottom, back arms on top.
  • (5x) 5mm carbon fiber arms with built-in “motor knuckles”, 3-hole mounting system (16mm x 16mm) and connecting arms for single bolt removal system.
  • (1x) 3mm carbon fiber bottom plate with built-in lipo strap holder and 4in1 ESC protector.
  • (1x) 2mm carbon fiber top plate designed in a V configuration and 2 point of contact to hold TPU clamps for Go Pro Hero Session 5 and/or Go Pro Hero 5/6.
  • (2x) 1.5mm carbon fiber sandwich plates.
  • (1x) Left and right 3D prints for a micro FPV camera.
  • (1x) 3D printed rear mount to hold 35V 1000 uF capacitor and SMA extension.


  • (9x) 8mm M3 button head hex screw, steel black
  • (4x) 22mm M3 button head hex screw, steel black
  • (7x) M3 flanged nut, aluminum black
  • (3x) M3 x 5.5mm x 28mm hex standoffs, aluminum black



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