HGLRC KT20 2" Cinewhoop Frame Kit

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The HGLRC KT20 is a frame to try, 2" pusher configuration makes for a fun snappy whoop while still retaining the structure and safety of a standard whoop.

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  • Dimensions: 130x138mm
  • Frame Style: Cinewhoop
  • Top plate: 2.mm
  • Bottom plate: 1.5mm
  • Arm Plate: 3.3mm
  • Stack Size: 25.5x25.5mm
  • Motor Mount: 9mm
  • Camera Mount: 14mm
  • Weight: 24.6g (without the ducts)


  • 1x 2mm top plate
  • 1x 1.5mm bottom plate
  • 1x KT20 2-inch frame
  • 2x Countersunk Hexagon Socket M2x6 Self-Tapping Screws
  • 2x Countersunk hexagon socket M2x7 304 stainless steel screw
  • 2x Hexagon socket head tapping screws M2x8
  • 2x Hexagon socket head M2x6 black nickel plated screws
  • 2x M2x22x4mm outer diameter reticulated aluminum column
  • 1x W554B LED strip (1pc)
  • 1x KT20 front bumper EVA cotton (one set of blue, yellow, and black)
  • 2x KT20 rear bumper EVA cotton (one set each for blue, yellow, and black)
  • 3x 3M double-sided tape (3 sets of double-sided tape for front and rear bars)
  • 1x Silicone cable length 110mm, single head PH1.0-3P Color: yellow, red and
  • black (LED cable)
  • 10x cable tie 2x120mm nylon cable tie (root)
  • 5x Round head hexagon socket M2x10 black nickel plated screws
  • 5x Round head hexagon socket M2x18 black nickel plated screws
  • 8x M2x6.6 shock-absorbing ball
  • 6x Anti-loose self-locking M2 nut
  • 5x Black O-shaped silicone outer diameter 7x2 inner diameter 3
  • 3x Round head hexagon socket M2x3 black nickel plated screws
  • 5x Cup head hexagon socket M1.6x8 black nickel plated screw
  • 1x KT20 number sticker
  • 2x battery tie, size: 10x150mm
  • 1x KT20 battery non-slip mat
  • 1x Round head hexagon socket M3x20 screw
  • 1x M3 nut
  • 1x B4 certificate label
  • 1x HGLRC Sticker
  • 1x KT20 Frame Installation Instructions