Holybro Kakute F7 AIO OSD BEC Flight Controller & Atlatl HV V2 FPV Transmitter & 4 PCS 65A BL_32 Tekko32 F3 Metal ESC Stack/Combo

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Holybro Kakute F7 AIO OSD BEC Flight Controller & Atlatl HV V2 FPV Transmitter & 4 PCS 65A BL_32 Tekko32 F3 Metal ESC Combo

Brand Name: Holybro

Tekko32 F3 Metal ESC  
Model: Tekko32 F3 Metal Item Name: 65A BL_32 DShot1200 ESC Quantity: 4 PCS Con. Current: 65A Peak Current: 80A Input Voltage: 3-6S Lipo Support Ext. cap needed for 6s (220uf 35v for 6s usage.) - F3(M4 Core) MCU, Runs BLHELI32 firmware, the MCU works at 108Mhz - Mosfet tested at 4S 65A, under props, nothing covered for 1min - Onboard WS2812B LED Size: 18 x 27 mm Weight: 4.4g/PC
Kakute F7 AIO  ( Manual)
Item Name: F7 Flight Controller AIO OSD BEC and Current Sensor
MCU: STM32F745 32-bit processor IMU: ICM20689 (SPI) Barometer: BMP280 Current Sensor: Approximately 130 amps maximum measurable value USB VCP Driver (all UARTs usable simultaneously; USB does not take up a UART) 6 hardware UARTS (UART1,2,3,4,6,7) All UARTS support hardware inversion. SBUS, SmartPort, and other inverted protocols work on any UART without “uninvert hack”. Supports serial receivers (SBUS, iBus, Spektrum, Crossfire) only. PPM and PWM receivers are not supported. TF card for Blackbox logging Dimensions: 35x48x7mm (includes foam-mounted gyro board in height) Mounting Holes: Standard 30.5mm square to center of holes Weight: 11g

• Supports Betaflight, Butterflight, and Cleanflight. • Betaflight OSD. Change PIDs, adjust common configuration parameters, and change video transmitter channel and power level,   all using your transmitter sticks and goggles. • Soft-mounting built in. The IMU (“gyro”) chip on this board is mounted on vibration-isolating foam. This means that there is no need   to soft-mount the board itself. • High-performance / low-noise / high sensitivity IMU. ICM20689 with 6-axis gyro and accelerometer. Can run at up to 32 kHz sampling rate. • Ready for autonomous flight: Integrated BMP280 barometer and SCL/SDA pads for use with external GPS/magnetometer units. • 2 oz. copper PCB allows up to 120A maximum continuous current. • Dedicated bootloader button for easy firmware flashing. • Low-profile design fits into even very compact frames. • Input voltage 7v to 42v. Power the board directly from the flight pack, up to 6S (on “B+” pad only). • Automatic voltage monitoring. No need to run a separate vBat wire for voltage monitoring; the Kakute F7 AIO monitors voltage directly   from the battery power lead. • Filtered voltage output for clean, noise-free video. On-board regulators output 5v at up to 2 amps and 3.3v at up to 200 mA to power   peripherals such as receiver, video transmitter, FPV camera, or LED strip. • Supports BLHeli pass-through for easy ESC upgrade and configuration.

Diagram picture link: https://blog.seidel-philipp.de/holybro-kakute-f7-aio-flight-controller-anschlussplan-wiringplan/

Atlatl HV V2:  Item Name: 5.8G 40CH 25/200/500/800mW FPV Transmitter Model:  Atlatl HV V2 Transmitting Output Power: 25mW/ 200mW/ 500mW/ 800mW Switchable                                           Audio:  6 MHz + 6.5 MHz Mono Antenna Connector: MMCX Input Voltage: 7-28V (2-6S Lipo) Dimension: 35(L)x 25(W)x 7(H)mm  Mounting Hole: 30.5x30.5mm Weight: 9.3g
Features: - Compatible with all major FPV receivers from vendors such as Fatshark, ImmersionRC, etc. - Supports the standard 40-channel set: band A, B, E, Fatshark, and Raceband. - SmartAudio input allows remote control by the flight controller (where supported).
  Change channel, transmit power, and more from Betaflight OSD, flight controller USB port,  Taranis Lua Script, and more.
-  All parameters art controllable via push-button on the side of the unit, for case where SmartAudio is not used.  - LED Indicators of Channel, Band and Power. Allow easily check VTX Parameters by glancing at the quad. - Variable transmit power from 25 mW to 800 mW. Use 25 mW for a race and then easily switch to 800 mW for freestyle. - 0.5mW Ture Pit Mode allows you to power up safely without the risk of knocking other pilots out of the air. - Built-in Microphone, so you can listen to your motors while you fly, no matter how far away you fly. - Standard 36mm form factor allows you to mount the Atlatl directly in your flight controller stack.
Package Included:
4x Holybro Tekko32 F3 Metal ESC 65A 4x 35V 220uF Capacitor 4x 24AWG 100mm Black wire  4x 24AWG 100mm White wire  4x 24AWG 100mm Blue wire  4x 16AWG 100mm Red wire  4x 16AWG 100mm Black wire 
1x Kakute F7 Flight Controller Board
1x Atlatl V2 FPV Transmitter
1x 80mm SMA--MMCX Cable
1x 150mm 4pin JST GH wire