Hyperlow Airshot 5" Frame for DJI - Flat or Vert Arms

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Introducing the all new AirShot: an FPV platform designed for professionals and hobbyists alike to capture HD action cam footage for commercial projects or freestyle adventures. The AirShot frame centers around accommodating the latest in component trends in order to adapt to all manner of flight styles.

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Does not Include Antenna mounts or Mounts for the Caddx or DJI System.

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Make sure to choose Flat or Vert Arms

Hyperlow Airshot 5 Inch Frame for DJI for Sale


  • Vert arm profile for minimal prop thrust obstruction with 4-in-1, or traditional flat arm for individual ESC mounting
Hyperlow Airshot 5 Inch Frame for Sale



  • Front 30x30 and rear underside 20x20 GoPro mount positions allow for both for chase and follow footage. 
  • DJI HD capable with VISTA (12cm cable recommended when placed at rear)
Vert Arm Hyperlow Airshot 5 Inch Frame for DJI for Sale
  • Component shelving keeps electronics isolated from carbon and allows for clean wire routing. Assembly bolts also provide direct 20x20 mounting.
Flat Arm Hyperlow Airshot 5 Inch Frame for SaleVert Arm Hyperlow Airshot 5 Inch Frame for Sale
  • Custom UV RaceLites and RaceWire from TINYSLEDS included
Hyperlow Airshot 5 Inch Drone Frame for DJI for Sale
  • Front arm braces for increased durability. 
Hyperlow Airshot 5 Inch Quad Frame for DJI for Sale


  • Frame weight: 125g - 135g depending on TPU and hardware used. (This is excluding GoPro mounts) 
  • A flat arm frame is just 2g heavier than the a vert arm frame.
  • Prop size: up to 5.2"
  • Motor layout: slightly stretched x (8mm bias)
  • Props in DJI feed: barely
  • Props in view of GoPro: not at 5° of tilt with Hero 16:9 Superview, nor at 4:3 wide. 
  • Mounting Pattern: 30x20 / 20x20



  • 1x top plate 2mm 
  • 1x bottom plate 2mm
  • 1x brace plate 2mm
  • 1x center piece 5mm
  • 1x cam bumper 5mm
  • 1x rear antenna lock 5mm
  • 1x rear standoff lock 5mm
  • 2x front arm braces 5mm
  • 1x rear 20x20 adjustable GoPro mount
  • 4x Flat Arms or 4x Vert Arms (OPTIONAL)


  • 5x 25mm standoff 
  • 6x 20mm standoff
  • 4x 12mm flat head 
  • 6x 6mm 
  • 10x 8mm
  • 4x 12mm 
  • 10x 14mm 
  • 2x 16mm 
  • 4x 22mm 
  • 1x pressnut
  • 4x gummies
  • 4x racewire
  • 4x racelites
  • 1x ummagrip pad
  • 2x component shelves
  • 1x 30x30 gopro mount base
  • 1x micro fpv mounts
  • 1x immortal mounts
  • 2x straps
  • 4x zipties
  • 1x sticker 
  • 1x microfiber cloth