iFlight 5-36V 2A LC Filter Module

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Your motors and ESCs generate electrical noise that can be detrimental to your video quality. The most common symptoms of electrical noise are lines and dots in your FPV feed, especially when accelerating. These little filters can help clean up the noisy power running into your sensitive FPV electronics.

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  • Perfect for sensitive FPV- and RC-components in a single battery setup.
  • Both the negative and positive leads are filtered (common mode)
  • Suitable for setups up to 36V and maximum 2A load.
  • Reduces DC-DC switcher supply ripple and helps clean noisy power from a shared battery.
  • Reduce the effects of interference radiated through the air and noise conducted via the power wires.
  • Help attenuation most of the high-frequency power supply noise and interference.
  • Suppress the noise in the power getting to your FPV setup (e.g. your VTX and FPV camera).
  • Built-in Reverse Polarity protection
  • Very low voltage drop


  • Input Voltage: 5-36V
  • Max. Input Current: 2A
  • Weight: 0.5g


  • 1x iFlight 5-36V 2A LC Filter