iFlight SucceX Mini F7 TwinG V3 20x20 Flight Controller

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Spare flight controller for the iFlight SucceX Mini F7 Stack V3. We carrry the stack with and without the VTX.

Check out our selection of 20x20 flight controllers and all our iFlight gear!


  • MCU:216MHz STM32F722
  • Gyro:TwinG ICM20689
  • Blackbox:32MB
  • Betaflight OSD:YES
  • Uarts:4
  • ESC Telemetry:RX6
  • INA Pad:nuart2
  • Input voltage:2-6S,MAX 8S
  • Target:EXF722DUAL
  • CLI config:IFLIGHTF7_TWIN_G.config
  • Size:27*27mm /20*20mm φ3 mounting
  • FC Firmware: Betaflight
  • Target:EXF722DUAL
  • Mounting hole:20*20mm,φ3mm with Grommets φ2mm 
  • Size:31*31mm 


  • 1x SucceX mini F7 V3 TwinG FC