ImpulseRC APEX Base Freestyle 5" Frame Kit

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Introducing the Future of Freestyle

The Apex shatters the glass ceiling in freestyle frame design. Through a process of continous refinement and always striving to improve we have created a new breed of freestyle frame. The Apex does not compromise in stiffness or durability, so you never have to choose between confidence and performance.

Unique design elements new to the FPV world make your build and maintenance more simple than ever before. Toughness of the frame itself is increased while also offering much better protection for your investment in flight electronics.

This is what you have been waiting for...

HD Version also available. Perfect for your DJI Digital FPV System!

Check out our full range of APEX parts and accessories, as well as all our ImpulseRC Gear


Apex Arm Design 

The arms of an FPV frame are the key structural component which translate the thrust from the motors to the majority of the mass in the aircraft, which is secured to the body of the frame. The design of the arms and how they are attached to the body is one of the most vital aspects that influences the performance of an FPV frame.

There are multiple problems which can occur with existing arm designs which can lead to poor performance, difficulty tuning and added cost. The Apex addresses all of these problems with a simple and unique new design that eliminates all arm slop and drastically increases durability.

Perfectly Symmetrical: Symmetrical arms make it possible to pocket one side of the part without introducing the need for distinct left and right arms, making you require more spare parts. We use a pocket instead of a hole under the motor to increase durability and we embed a press nut to simplify attachment and avoid clearance issues under your stack.

Simple Maintenance: Flight electronics are mounted to the upper main plate using countersink bolts. This completely decouples the arm attachment from the electronics mounting. Arms can be replaced using two bolts without any disturbance to your stack.

Shoulder Bolts & Thread Locker: Our custom machined shoulder bolts act as a solid steel pin through the arm which eliminates slop and tolerance issues. The precision shaft passing through the arm removes all side-loading of the carbon laminations on to the chisel-like threads of a regular bolt. Factory added threadlocker and custom aluminium cone washers spread the load of the clamping force and ensure the bolts will not vibrate loose.

Key to the Apex: At the apex of a masonry arch a keystone locks all the stones in to position and allows the arch to bear weight and be self supporting. A keystone is a hallmark of strength and good design, the Apex FPV frame is no different and the carbon key sits at the heart of the frame to distribute forces applied to the arms.


Manufactured by the legendary HQProp and included free with every frame are custom skids, bumper and Crossfire antenna mount, injection molded in abrasion resistant glass filled nylon. At launch we have available Classic Black, ImpulseRC Red and Military Coyote Brown, with more colours to follow in the future.

Also in each frame kit are two die cut lipo pads for you to choose from, both an ultra durable natural rubber pad as well as a light weight velcro option for those wanting to shave every last gram.

ESC Options
With it's slim 5.5mm carbon arms the Apex is perfect for running both 4in1 ESCs as well as the new generation of thinner high current individual ESCs. Included with every frame kit is a set of nylon ESC wire covers, injection molded by HQProp, which conform perfectly to the shape of the arm for ultimate protection. Alternatively we also have custom fitted race wire PCBs to make motor swaps quick and painless.

The Apex frame is a perfect fit for all modern FPV electronics allowing a wide range of choices for your build, however if you prefer to fly KISS and FETtec the experience is second to none.

We have created a fully graphical OSD with a unique mounting position, along with a high powered regulator board, designed specifically for the cleanest possible video feed. Slimline LED strips at only 5.5mm wide can be mounted along the edges of the arms. A custom wiring harness completes the package and provides a super simple build and quick maintenance with minimal soldering.

The new graphical OSD is based on ImpulseOSD which was introduced with the WolfPDB - so all the popular features such as VTX and camera control and GPS/Mag support are of course included.

Wiring Harness: The custom wiring harness supplied with the electronics makes your build a pleasure and any maintenance quick and simple. All components are linked together and power is cleanly distributed throughout the system. The bare minimum of soldering is required to complete a build at the very highest end of FPV freestyle performance.

OSD Location: By placing the graphical OSD behind the camera it is removed from all sources of electrical noise. The video pathway is kept as short as possible with the sensitive analog signal being fed directly from the camera in to the OSD then travelling to the VTX immediately above. All high current ESC and Lipo power, as well as EMI producing switching regulators, are well removed in the rear of the frame.

Ultra-Clean Video: Sensitive analog video components are on the front of the OSD facing the camera. The internal ground planes within the PCB act as a shield to block electrical noise from the ESCs for the cleanest video possible on a miniquad. The only regulator on the OSD is of the smooth and clean linear variety, with the two aluminium standoffs behind the PCB acting as heatsinks to ensure the OSD can handle the load of your high powered VTX.

LED Strips: The 6S capable switching regulator board in the rear provides power to the entire video system, as well as a completely independant axiliary 5V 2A regulator for your own use. LED strips can be attached to the regulator board and the signal is conveniently routed through the harness to the OSD which can provide all the lighting effects you will ever need.

  • Component Mounting

    The main electronics stack mounting uses countersink bolts on the underside of the upper main plate. Mounting positions are provided for M3 30x30 as well as M3 20x20 electronics. There is an aditional M2 20x20 mouting position at the rear of the frame, perfect for our regulator board or many other common components.

    Included in every frame kit is a Crossfire Immortal-T mount, injection molded by HQProp in pure nylon. We also provide a black anodized aluminium SMA clamp which can also act as a strain relief point for your main Lipo wires. We will also freely offer for download a range of STL files for various antenna mounting designs.

  • Warranty

    The Apex frames comes with a full 2 year warranty on all carbon and metal parts.

    Using advanced image recognition and statistical analysis we have simplified the warranty process to the point that most claims will be self-service and instantly approved.

    Each Apex frame will be shipped with a warranty card which includes the globally unique serial number for that frame. In most cases this will remove any need to provide proof of purchase when registering your warranty. Once a frame is registered, claims for that model in the future will be quick and painless.

    We stand behind our products and we want to give you the peace of mind to know you are covered, no matter how hard you push your flying.


    Plate Thickness

    • Arms: 5.5mm
    • Key: 5mm
    • Lower Main: 2.5mm
    • Upper Main: 2mm
    • Top: 2mm
    • Camera Sides: 2mm

    Standoff Height

    • Front: 28mm
    • Rear: 20mm

    Dry Weight

    • Alu hardware: approx. 115g

    Motor to Motor

    • 225mm - Fits 5.2" Props

    Arm Geometry

    • Compressed X using Pythagorean triple 3:4:5



      • 1x Apex Arm Key CF 5mm
      • 1x Apex Top Plate CF 2mm
      • 1x Apex Main Lower CF 2.5mm
      • 1x Apex Main Upper CF 2mm
      • 2x Apex Cam Side Plate CF 2mm
      • 4x Apex 5" Arm CF 5.5mm


      • 1x Apex Full Screw Pack - High Tensile Carbon Steel - Gunmetal
      • 1x Apex Hook LIPO pad - BLACK
      • 1x Apex LIPO pad - 3mm BLACK
      • 1x Diamond File - Flat (Mini)
      • 1x Diamond File - Round (Mini)
      • 1x Lipo Strap - Medium - ImpulseRC
      • 4x M3 28mm Standoff - Aluminium - Black
      • 4x M3 20mm Standoff - Aluminium - Black
      • 2x M3 10mm Standoff - Aluminium - Black
      • 1x Apex Antenna Clamp - Aluminium - Black
      • 1x Apex Plastics Kit - BLACK or RED
      • 1x Apex Arm Covers - BLACK - (4 Pack)