Jhemcu Multi-Effect Control Module w/ 4 WS2812 LED Strips

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Four LED's strips with up to 30 different modes.
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  • Working voltage: 2-6S
  • Input current: less than 1A
  • Output voltage: +5V
  • Output current: 3A
  • Maximum number of LEDs supported: 4 channels
  • Number of sockets: 4
  • Number of single-channel controllable LEDs: 8
  • Switching mode: manual button
  • Mode: 30 types


  • 1x LED control board
  • 4x WS2812 light strip
  • 4x 3P*1.0MM plug wires
  • 1x 28AWG*100MM red wire
  • 1x 28AWG*100MM black wire
  • 1x Heat shrinkable tube (3cm)