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Mini Mach 1 Frame for 2" and 3" Props

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Note: The lower than normal price is due to durability issues with the bottom plate. When using 14XX motors, flight over padded surfaces (turf, grass, etc) is recommended. And if you break it, well you can get a whole 'nother frame for $20.

The Mini Mach 1! Able to handle up the 3" props, the Mini version of the Mach 1 frame boasts a one piece base plate, making for an incredibly light frame weight of only 26g. You can expect 2" and 3" build weights around 85-120g, which is very very light!

One cool feature of the Mach 1 Mini is it can mount both 20x20mm stacks as well as 30.5x30.5 stacks! So you can mount a full size PDB and Flight Controller, or something like the HGLRC Stack

This frame is designed for use with a Micro Camera - we carry both the Foxeer Micro and Runcam Micro

Supports 110x or 13xx or 14xx motor mounts!

We also carry replacement Top Plates and Bottom Plates


1x 3mm Base Plate

1x 2mm Top Plate

8x M3 6mm Screw

4x M3 26mm Screw

4x M3 25mm Standoff

8x M3 Nylon Nut

8x M2 26mm Screw

8x M2 Nylon Nut

1x Set of Micro Camera Mounts

Download and print your own motor guards here:

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Customer Reviews

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