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Mode 2 - Interceptor 5'' Freestyle Frame

  • $59.99

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It may not be the last of the V8’s but the Mode 2 Interceptor FPV drone frame is the frame that started it all.

Mode 2 has spent over 6 months and hundreds of hours on the sticks testing this frame to make sure it was ready to rule the skies.  The Interceptor is incredibly well balanced, and able to withstand bone crunching impacts at nitromethane relatable speeds, it is ruthless… savage.. and spectacular.

The Interceptor has a strap pass-through, beneath the stack, keeping it completely clear from any components; peace of mind as you clash through the Thunderdome.  There is also an SMA/RX tab on the top plate allowing you to easily mount your antennas central to the stack.

In the future, cities will become deserts, skies will become battlefields and the hope of mankind will appear as the greatest freestyle frame there is.  Only one frame can make the difference, the Mode 2 Interceptor.

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