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MODX FPV Frame w/PDB - 5" Frame with Lifetime Warranty

  • $79.99

We are excited to partner with OAS Hobby to bring you the Mod X FPV frame w/PDP. The Mod X is modular in design, meaning that the entire stack can be easily removed with just a few screws and the flight controller is isolated from damage. This makes repairs a breeze and less frequent as compared to other frames. Additionally, when you do have to make a repair do not worry because you are covered by a lifetime warranty for all carbon pieces on the frame. Simply send us a photo of the damaged parts, and we will send you a replacement. 

With a 192mm wing span, this frame is small and light but can still swing your favorite 5" Props. The frame also include a PDB which was custom designed for the frame!


  • 192mm
  • frame weight with hardware and PDB 104g
  • 4mm Carbon Fiber 
  • Custom aluminum Camera mount
  • Custom pdb
  • Solder all ESC wires to include the signal and ground wire directly to the PDB
  • 2x 12v 2amp voltage regulators for camera and VTX
  • 1x 5v 2amp voltage regulator for FC
  • Removes noise in video
  • 3D custom doors to mount VTX and RX for easy access for adjusting 

Check out this review video to see what the Mod-X is all about!

This item is expected to ship the following business day from the time you order.

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