Mud Dart RC MudLED WiFi RGB LED Control Board

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Have you ever wanted to have your own custom lighting effects, but don’t know how to code? MudLEDs from Mud-Dart RC lets you use any WiFi-enabled device (phone, tablet, or laptop) to configure your own LED effects in an intuitive and simple way. The MudLEDs use a custom-designed circuit board that’s easy to use.

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  • Control up to 1000 LEDs
  • Easy to use web-browser based interface
  • Available with servo pins or solder pads
  • 4 separate LED strip outputs
  • Small and light – about 25x40mm and 5g
  • Over-the-air updates for bug fixes and new features


  • 1x Mud Dart RC MudLED Control Board

Find the user manual here!