Mud Dart RC MudLED LED Controller w/ Wifi Control

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The guys at Mud Dart RC were sick of having to write Arduino code or be limited by a flight controller to make cool looking LEDs. So they set out to build something simple yet flexible. The MUDLED is a standalone LED controller capable of handling 500 addressable LEDs, producing many different effects, and allowing configuration from any device with Wifi and a browser. Firmware updates to add features and effects are also a breeze thanks to the Wifi interface.  Check out the videos below!

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  • Configure using your phone, tablet, or anything with wifi and a browser.
  • Switch between LED modes with a PWM channel from your receiver.
  • Assign effects to any section of LEDs - even overlap effects and blend them together.
  • Over-the-air updates to get improvements as they're made.
  • Small 25x35mm board that weighs 4g, simple wiring.
  • Can drive 12v or 5v ws2812x LED strips.
  • Up to 500 LEDs!

Firmware update information available on their RC groups thread


  • Dimensions: 34.2x25.6x7mm
  • Weight: 8.6g (w/ pins)

User Guide Here


  • 1x Mud Dart RC MudLED LED Controller w/ Wifi Control
  • 1x Pin Header Set