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A new flagship headset by Orqa is the Orq FPV.One Race FPV Goggles. One Race optimized and improved electronics and mechanical design, while keeping its authentic look and feel. Orqa combines functionality with modern aesthetics by an artistically implemented visual and tactile construct into a sophistically engineered software and hardware system.

FPV.One Race has undergone complete mechanical and electronic redesign resulting in the removal of both top fans present on the original FPV.One. Each optical engine has a dedicated fan with an out-of-the-box method for optional automatic defogging when necessary. No more foggy lenses or unpleasant breeze (dry eyes)!

Redesigned optical engines make the image sharper than ever. All possible aberrations, ghosting and pin cushioning are addressed with improved design of glass lenses, and a special coating is now applied to lenses. Moreover, the FPV.One Race comes with a new mechanism for focus adjustment in addition to the original IPD adjuster. Adapt visual experience to your eyes, not the other way around.

The “Portal” on top of the goggles is the interface for the upcoming Orqa HD Digital system; it can also be used as wired video output for other expansions like cameras, special antennas etc.

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  • Open architecture enables expandability and upgrades through two module bays
  • Support for standard analog and digital video inputs
  • HD image quality from 2x 0.5" Sony OLEDs
  • Record your flight in real-time with 1280x960 at 60fps
  • Built-in head tracker
  • Add FPV.Connect (not included) to download videos, update firmware and more
  • Control recording on your GoPro directly through your goggles
  • Includes 2S 2500mAh FPV.Battery by Tattu
  • Up to 6S input


  • Power supply 6-25VDC (2-6S Li-ion Battery)
  • Viewing angle: 33° at 4:3
  • Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels
  • Aspect ratio: 4:3 native
  • Power consumption: 2.6W
  • Integrated Head Tracker output: 3.5mm jack
  • HDMI video input: micro HDMI
  • Battery connector: 2.1 x 5.5mm barrel connector
  • IPD range: 56-74 mm
  • Focus adjust: -4D to +4D
  • Integrated DVR: 1280x960, 50/60fps, H.264, mp4
  • Standard receiver bay: 5V, High power
  • Secondary bay: 5V, SDIO, UART
  • Weight: 256g
  • Dimensions: 177x107x72mm


  • 1x ORQA FPV.One Race FPV Goggles
  • 1x 2S 2500mAh FPV.Battery by Tattu
  • 1x FPV.One Goggle Facepad Foam 2 Pack w/ Velcro
  • 1 x Hard Case
  • 1 x Strap