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RDQ Complete FPV Drone Pack Pro

RDQ Complete Pack Pro

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Introducing the RDQ Complete Pack Pro! These parts were selected specifically for 4s quadcopters and sold together at a discount. known and loved by the community for their keen ability to push harder than any other, flight after flight, all while offering the user an unmatched level of value. 


1x Foxeer Arrow Micro Pro 1.8mm - Black
4x Badass 2306 2450kv Motors
1x Bardwell 4-1 32 Bit 3-6S ESC
1x Bardwell AIO F4 FC
1x FrSky XM+
1x Mach 3 VTX MMCX

Setup Recommendations

This setup is best on light to medium weight FPV frames like the Mach 1 Stretched X using 5" props and a 1300mah - 1500mah 4S battery of your choosing. If you do not already have a preference, we recommend the HQ 5x4.3x3 props and the 1300mah 4S 100C RDQ Series Battery.

Bundle Specifications

Foxeer Arrow Micro Pro

  • Great WDR Function 
  • Improved Image Processing
  • Easily Switch Preset Modes
  • OSD
  • High-Quality 2.1mm Lens
  • Supports 5-40V input

Badass 2306 2450KV Motor

  • Weight: 30.73g with 150mm Wires
  • Wires: 150mm

Bardwell 4-1 32 Bit 3-6S ESC

  • Battery: 3-6s
  • Constant Current: 30A
  • Burst Current: 40A
  • Size: 36*36mm   Mounting Holes: 30.5 x 30.5
  •  Firmware: BLHeli32 
  • Wire Harness Or Direct Solder (see below)
  • Weight: 13.1g 
  • Harness length: 60mm
  • No BEC

Bardwell AIO F4 FC

  • 3-6s F4, AIO board with MPU 6000 gyro
  • Superb board layout allowing for easy and clean builds
  • Joshua Bardwell authored manual and selected features, manufactured and backed by RaceDayQuads
  • 4-1 Connector utilizes the full functionality of every 4-1 ESC on the market
  • RX4 pads gather telemetry from each individual ESC
  • Centrally located gyro
  • Betaflight OSD w/240a current sensor
  • Compact 30.5x30.5 board layout
  • 9v filtered power out for VTXs – very strong filtering capability for clean video (the 5v output is also filtered) 
  • Power Out: 2x 5v, 1x 3.3v, 1x VBAT, 1x VTX filtered power (9v), 1x Camera filtered power (9v); 
  • UARTS for FRSKY, SBUS, IBUS, SAT (2 inverted UARTS), TX6 pad added so there is one additional UART for general-purpose use

  • Smart Audio compatibility and Camera Control capability
  • Pre-flashed with BF 3.3.1 - Compatible with CLRACINGF4.hex
  • Programmable LED pin
  • Buzzer pins
  • Built-in Blackbox capability
  • Includes vibration dampeners
  • 7.29g Weight



  • 0/25/200/600/1000mw power options - race with your buddies or go LONG range!
  • 2S-6S direct input
  • Audio Control - Control the channel and power setting of the VTX using your radio and OSD (on-screen display)
  • MMCX Connector for extreme durability
  • On board microphone
  • 100% USA Legal Channels - Keep the Feds off your back! Note, that to be compliant the VTX does not transmit on 5645, 5925 or 5945 (not regularly used channels anyways).
  • 5v Output to power your camera - officially rated at 600ma, but typically can power more (like a Runcam Split)
  • No plug - direct solder pads for exceptional durability and repair ease!
  • LED display shows channel, band, and power
  • Button allows easy change of channel, band, and power
  • SMA Pigtail included


Frsky XM+

  • Dimension:21/5x12x3.5mm(LxWxH)
  • Weight:1.6g
  • Number of Channels: Up to 16CH from SBUS(CH1~CH15 for PWM, CH16 RSSI for FC
  • Operating Voltage Range: 3.7~10V
  • Operating Current: 30mA@5V
  • Operating Range: Full range
  • With RSSI output on board:Analog 0~3.3V
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • Compatibility:FrSky D16 mode​



  • Gain:  2,25dbic
  • Bandwidth: XX-XXMHz  (It's really wide band!)
  • Can be used as both transmit and receive antenna.



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