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RDQ Omni FPV Antenna - 5.8Ghz

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The RDQ Omni FPV Antenna is a low cost, high quality FPV antenna.

Designed to be a replacement for the Aomway 5.8Ghz antennas, the RDQ Omni FPV Antennas offer better video and superior durability while also being low cost. These antennas come in two versions, transmitter or receiver. The transmitter versions are built to take abuse and still offer excellent video quality. The transmitter versions have three lobes instead of four. Tested by pilots who fly fast and crash hard, these antennas will not fall apart like the Aomway antennas. The receiver version has four lobes, and is built for the absolute best video reception. Despite these differences, either set of antennas can be used on the transmitter or receiver. We have found that video quality is about equal to the TBS Triumph Antennas.

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Frequency: 5.8Ghz
Polarization: Right-Handed
Connector: SMA
Video: Awesome
Quality: Not Chinese - Made in the USA


1x Antenna

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