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Do you like getting a great deal on a lot of FPV parts? Do you like random parts filling your workbench for later use? Then we have a deal for you!...

Introducing the RDQ Parts Parcel!

These are parts that we cannot sell as a new product due to minor things like a broken manufacturers seal, or being an opened product. Because they cannot be sold as new, we will be passing the savings down to you! Many of these parts were opened by the RDQ staff to help with support issues (i.e. pulling an FC from a stack, pulling 1 motor from a set of 4) but they are in working condition.

This box will contain AT LEAST a $150 value!!

The Micro Edition of the RDQ Parts Parcel will contain items commonly used on micro quads. The Mini Edition will contain items for 5" or larger quads. And finally The Equipment Edition will contain items such as parallel boards, antennas, chargers, etc.


NOTE: Since these products cannot be sold as new, we cannot provide support on the products in these boxes.