RDQ Raptor 20x20 2-5" Racing Frame w/ Hot-Swap Arms

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RDQ has come together with DroneSpace to bring you this 20x20 based frame that has the capability to sling 2'' to 5'' props!

Change your craft from 2'' props to 5'' props by changing out the arms! The body of the Raptor is the same for all sizes! So, this means the spare parts are the same for your 2” quad as your 5” quad. 

Lightweight, versatile, durable and was designed around the ability to change arms as quickly as possible so you never miss a heat!

  • 5'' arms are available in Stretch or True X format.
  • 2'', 2.5'' 3'' arms are 3mm thick and support 11XX to 14XX sized motors.
  • 5'' True-X and Stretch are 4mm thick.
  • 5" Stretch-X  - 63.4g
  • 5" True-X - 62.07g
  • 3" - 41.02g
  • 2.5" - 33.52g
  • 2" - 32.82g
(All weights include Hardware)

    Kit includes

    -1x Raptor Body Kit

    - 4x Arms of your choice

    - 3x 3D printed spacers


    Several accessory files are ready to be printed to customize your craft as needed!

    Check out this video of a ripping Raptor from one of our awesome customers: