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RDQ Series 1050mah 6S 90C FPV Lipo Battery

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The RDQ Series 6S 1050mah 90C battery truly sets a new standard in the FPV Lipo market. Containing the latest in FPV lipo battery technology, the RDQ Series Lipo packs a long-lasting punch which is going to redefine your idea of what is a quality Lipo. With this 6S pack, you'll be able to win and fly hard for the entirety of the most grueling races this sport has to offer. Check out the rest of our RDQ Series Lipo Batteries ranging from 3s - 6s.


  • Weight: 199.8g (+/- 1%)
  • 34.3*41.5*81.7mm
  • 85mm long XT60 wire
  • 90C continuous output



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