RDQ Series 7.6V 2S 300mAh 45C LiHV Micro Battery - PH2.0

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The RDQ Series Batteries expand their lineup, now offering 300mah size packs in 2s with a ph2.0 connector, perfect for any 2S whoop. RDQ Series Lipos are known and loved by the community for their keen ability to push harder than any other pack on the market, flight after flight, all while offering the user an unmatched level of value. 

In the RDQ Series lineup, we also have 3S 450mah3S 550mah3S 650mah3S 850mah, 5S 850mah, 4S 1500mah5S 1300mah,  6S 1250mah, 6S 1300mah, 3S 2200mah, and 5S 2200mah packs.

Note, that you receive one free adapter per order. If for example you order 10 batteries, you get 1 adapter. You may purchase additional adapters on our site. Every battery purchased will have the option to choose an adapter to fit one of the following whoops:

  • Mobula7 with V2 or V3 Frame *modification required*
  • Beta75x   *modification required*
  • Beta75 Pro2  *modification required*


As no 2S parallel charge boards with ph2.0 currently exist, we recommend charging the batteries via the "charge" (vs balance) function in your charger through a board like this, then check the balance but connecting your battery lead directly to your charger or battery checker. Or, you can make XT30 or XT60 to Ph2.0 adapters and use a board like this. Typically a balance won't be required (anything within .07V is typically fine). If it does have to be balanced then you'd just charge individually off your charger.


  • Capacity: 300mAh
  • Size: 65x14x12mm
  • Weight: 16g
  • Balance lead: 25mm
  • ph2.0 length: 27mm


  • For the Mobula7, Beta65x, and Beta65Pro the pigtail that comes with the quad will have to be replaced from a series connection for two batteries to a single connection for a single battery.(The Mobula7 does come with a short circuit plug so you can convert the existing 2 battery pigtail into a single battery pigtail)
  • For the Beta75X and Beta75 Pro, the XT30 connector will have to be replaced with a ph2.0 connector. 


 For both modifications we recommend using the PowerWhoop Pigtail Connector