Reptile Dragon 1200 Twin Motor Multi-Role 1200mm Plank Wing Kit

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This is the kit version, without electronics.

The Dragon 1200 is a spacious twin motor plank style wing, with incredibly docile flight characteristics. Perfectly suited for long and medium range cruising, it's able to carry all your camera, FPV and RC gear as well as larger batteries. The extra wide wing gives it a great glide ratio, and very predictable stall characteristics. The nose is designed to carry GoPro style action cameras, and comes with an adapter to put your FPV camera in the nose if not using a GoPro. It also includes two pods with 6 possible locations to allow FPV and other accessories to be mounted under the wing (or even on top of the fuselage with a little customization). The fuselage features several FC, accessory, and battery mounting locations made of laser cut plywood. The outer wing halves and tail are all removable for transport, and the tail has it's own plywood accessory mounting plate. It's a well thought out, versatile design throughout!

We also carry the Dragon as a PNP!

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Here's an example of top mounting the FPV pod and nose mounting the GoPro:


  • Large, spacious design
  • Stable and efficient 
  • Glider like characteristics
  • Removable wing halves and tail for transport
  • 2 top hatches and 2 configurable underwing pods


  • Material:EPP foam
  • Wingspan:1200mm
  • Length:700mm
  • Weight:430 grams(Without electronic equipment)
  • Packing size : 470mm*340mm*220mm 


    • 1x Reptile Dragon 1200 Twin Motor Multi-Role 1200mm Plank Wing Kit
    • 1x Full Hardware Kit
    • 1x Decal Set
    • 1x Build Instructions


    • 2x 9G Servo
    • 2x 2205/2300KV Motor
    • 2x ESC 
    • 2x 6" Prop
    • RC & FPV System of Choice