RunCam Control Adapter - 1pc

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RunCam control addapter, control your FPV camera via flight controller Betaflight 3.3 or above.


Part of camera list confirmed compatible

Camera Compatible Camera Compatible
RunCam Swift 2 Yes RunCam Micro Eagle Yes
RunCam Micro Swift 2 Yes RunCam Eagle 2 Pro Yes
RunCam Swift 2 Rotor Riot Yes RunCam Night Eagle 2 Yes
RunCam Micro Swift Yes RunCam Eagle 2 Yes
RunCam Swift Mini 2 Yes RunCam Eagle No
RunCam Swift Mini Yes RunCam Owl 2 Yes
RunCam Sparrow Yes RunCam Owl No
RunCam Micro Sparrow Yes RunCam Nano No


Package included:

    1 X Control Adapter
    1 X 2P Menu Cable 30mm
    1 X Cable 80mm
    1 X Heat shrink tube
    1 X Double-sided adhesive

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