Stan FPV 2604 2410Kv Pro Motor - T-Mount

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These motors are an entire new size and therefore an entirely new flight feel and characteristics! The 2604 size is like nothing you've ever flown before! MORE POWER and SMOOTHER at THE SAME TIME! 

Designed 100% by Stan FPV and manufactured by T-Motor with their highest quality materials available - this motor is top shelf in terms of everything! Nothing was spared and even new technologies were made to facilitate what Stan needed for his own professional work and after months of design and testing it is finally available to everyone!

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  • Mount Pattern: 16x16mm
  • Shaft Size: T-Mount 
  • Stator Size: 2604
  • Motor Kv: 2410kv
  • Bearings: EZO
  • Wire Length: 170mm x 20AWG
  • Input Voltage: 3-5S LiPo
  • Weight: 29g


  • 1x StanFPV 2604 2410Kv Pro Motor - T-Mount