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StanFPV Proxy Cinewhoop Universal Duct Full Conversion Kit

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This conversion kit allows you to add prop guards to any FPV Drone with a 3.5-inch clearance and has 12x12 motor mounting.

If you're replacing old ducts that your cinewhoop came with or if you're converting a "naked prop" setup into a high-performance cinewhoop, this conversion kit is what you are looking for. 

In most situations, you can even use the same tune before and after the conversion so it's extremely easy to go back and forth depending on your needs at that moment for true versatility and efficiency. Think two quads in ONE!

Need a new frame or some props to go with your conversion kit? Check out our entire prop selection and all our frames at RDQ!


  • 4x Injected Proxy Ducts for 3" Prop
  • 4x Carbon Fiber Adapters (for 16x16mm M3 motor pattern)
  • 12x M2 Mounting Bolts
  • 32x M3 Motor Screws
  • 4x Zip Ties