The Flying Sandal 1S Parallel Charging Board

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The Flying Sandal came up with this handy little board out of a need to storage charge their whoop batteries. It's designed to connect four single cell batteries in series and give you a main charge/discharge lead and balance lead to use with a standard charger. 

Please note that your charger will see and treat these batteries like a standard Li-Po pack and will expect this “pack” to behave as expected. What this means is that it will expect voltages to be close enough to each other, which depends on your charger, but typically about 0.3 volts difference per cell.

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  • High quality PCB, wiring & connectors
  • 3D printed base
  • Allows use of standard charger features for 1S batteries


    • 1x The Flying Sandal 1S Parallel Charging Board