TinysLEDs Eachine Nano Whoop VTX Sled

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TinysLEDS has adapted their tiny sled concept to fit the Eachine Nano VTX onto whoop/toothpick (26.5x26.5mm) stacks! 

We also carry their Tiny Tank Sled, also for whoop stacks.

Check out all our whoop/toothpick flight controllers, and all our TinysLEDs products.


  • 1x Eachine Nano Whoop VTX Sled


It is NOT suggested to run this VTX at 400mw unless you have VERY ADEQUATE COOLING. 

Sometimes the holes do not line up correctly with a few AIO boards. You can scrape the hole away until  it fits. the board was designed to allow a bit of modification around mounting without affecting function.