TrueRC X2-Air MK II 5.8GHz SMA Receiver Antenna - RHCP

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The notorious TrueRC X2-Air has been shrunken down into a smaller footprint while retaining all its incredible features in this new MK II version. If you're trying to send it far and wide (literally), grab one of these ultra-wide ultra-high gain receivers antennas from the legendary TrueRC antenna line.

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TrueRC X-Air vs TrueRC X-Air MK II



  • Bandwidth: 5.1GHz-7.0GHz
  • Gain: 13 dBic
  • Beam-width Horizontal*: 150deg
  • Beam-width Vertical*: 62deg
  • Hor. beam @-3dB**: 74deg.
  • Vert. beam @-3dB**: 34deg.
  • Connector: SMA
  • Dimension: 72mm x 34mm x 22mm
  • Weight: xxg

*Coverage where reception is at least equivalent to an omni.
**Coverage where at least 70% of the max range is obtained.


  • 1x TrueRC X2 Air MK II 5.8GHz SMA Receiver Antenna - RHCP