Ummagawd 250mm Battery Strap 2 Pack

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Times, they are a changing. Back in the day, a 200mm battery strap was the perfect size to hold our 3S and 4S batteries securely to our miniquads. Most manufacturers stuck to this standard size and never had to consider that things would ever need to change. Well the winds have shifted. 5S and 6S is the new norm, and with more cells, we need a bit more strap to hold them down. As usual, The Ummagawd Company is here to help with a 250mm, super grippy, metal buckle, super strong battery strap. Pair that with some Ummagrip and your 5S and 6S batteries will feel like they are one with your miniquad.

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  • Length: 250mm
  • Weight: 7.3g


  • 2x Ummagawd 250mm LiPo Battery Strap