Wind Catcher RC ReSPECt FPV Spec Wing Kit - FPVWRA

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Are you new to flying a wing or Spec Class?  This wing is for you.  Wind Catcher's intention is to provide a Spec Wing that is durable and flies well.  It is designed to handle crashes well so while you are learning and hit the dirt you have a better chance of getting back in the air in just a few moments.

Wind Catcher's new and improved FPVWRA Spec Wing code named:  The ReSPECt

How is it different from the original?  The balsa elevons and wing core are the same as our original, so there should be no issues passing inspection for WRA races.  They upgraded the hardware to DuBro EZ connectors, ball links, and a thicker #2-56 control rod.  We replaced the 2mm rods on the trailing edge with 3mm strips to make the TE a bit stronger.  The winglets are slightly redesigned to prevent flutter at higher speeds.  The motor mount got a face lift along with a NACA duct to provide cooling when running on 4s batteries.

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  • Left and Right wing halves, #1.3 EPP foam
  • 2 – Balsa Elevons
  • 2 – Carbon Fiber Main spars, 3mm x 18″ ROD
  • 2 – Carbon Fiber Leading Edge spars, 10mm x 1mm x 500mm STRIP
  • 1 – Carbon Fiber Front Spar, 10mm x 1mm x 7.5″ STRIP
  • Carbon Fiber Trailing Edge Strips, 3mm
  • 3D printed PETG motor mount
  • 3D printed PETG winglets
  • #2-56 control rods
  • DuBro EZ connectors, ball links
  • Control horns with screws
  • 6′ of 3 mil covering film



  • 1x Wind Catcher RC ReSPECt FPV Spec Wing Kit - FPVWRA