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XSR-M FRSKY Receiver

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The XSR-M is FRSKY's newest receiver. With a small form factor, replaceable antennas, and s.bus capability, the FRSKY XSR-M (XSR Mini), is sure to impress. Unlike the bigger XSR that has the antenna soldered directly to the RX, the XSR-M radio receiver uses W.FL connector for easy replacement. The exposed antenna element is just under 33mm long and the total antenna length is 145mm. 

NOTE: This is a NEW version of the XSR, which features different antennas from the older XSR. These antennas are the older, thicker version of the X4R-SB antennas - not the new thin version we currently carry as of 7/10/17.

XSR-M Receiver Specs

  • 20x20mm dimensions, 15mm Mounting holes spacing
  • 2.7g in weight
  • Supports 16 channels SBUS or 8 channels CPPM
  • Compatible with X-Series module in D16 mode
  • Supports Smart Port telemetry

Small But Powerful

XSR-M is the smallest FrSky receiver that offers the same features on the bigger XSR and X4R RX. This is great for micro builds given the size and how convenient it is to install, as it can be stacked on top of the FC or PDB.

Package contains:

  • XSR-M radio Receiver
  • Wires for connection
  • Instruction Manual

Firmware Update

If you have any issue with the RX such as SmartPort, please try to update the firmware first. Download:

XSR-M FRSKY Receiver for Sale

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review


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