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Airbot Fenix G4 4-6S AIO Toothpick/Whoop Flight Controller (w/ 35A 32Bit AM32 4in1 ESC)

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The G4 features Betaflight compatibility and is the first of its kind. It contains 4 35A AM32 ESCs, 6S max and the QF32MTF4AK8U7 on the AIO board, creating a more compact design. Two voltage regulators – a 5V and 10V, both rated for 2.5A – are included. The 10V one can power the VTX & DJI O3 Air Unit, while the 5V one can power the LEDs, peripherals, etc. The STM32G47X MCU, ICM-42688p gyro, 16MB Data Flash, DSP310 baro, 16 RGB LEDs, and plug solutions for digital video complete the package. 

A new feature is the ultra-hydrophobic nano waterproof coating. This coating allows air to pass through while avoiding water, giving extra protection from moisture and other elements.

Important note: When trying to get the HD OSD working, it's required that both ground pins out of the DJI port are not soldered to the VTX. 

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  • Superhydrophobic Nano Waterproof Coating
  • Onboard 16 RGB LEDs can be programmed
  • ESC has a F4 MCU, runs AM32 firmware, capable of 6S and is rated at 35Amps
  • 10V BEC for DJI O3 Air Unit 


  • MCU: STM32G473, 512KB Flash
  • BEC: 5V 2.5A + 10V 2.5A
  • Blackbox: 128Mbit, 16MB
  • Gyro: ICM-42688
  • Barometer: DSP310
  • ESC: F4 MCU, run AM32 firmware, 6S 35Amps
  • OSD: AT7456
  • 4x Uarts
  • 1x 12C
  • Weight:10.4g 
  • Mounting pattern:25.5x25.5mm
Connector Pinout: 

    SDA, SCL, DN, DP, GND, 5V, L-RX1, L-TX1 is for External USB/GPS Connector

    TX2, GND, RX1, TX1, GND, 10V is for VTX Connector

    Airbot Fenix G4 4-6S AIO Toothpick/Whoop Flight Controller (w/ 35A 32Bit AM32 4in1 ESC)