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RDQ Rewards

RaceDayQuads Rewards Program!

RDQ Rewards is a program designed just for you, our loyal customers! It's as simple as opening an RDQ account and shopping as usual. Every dollar you spend adds a rewards point to your total. Redeem your rewards points for $20, $75, and $200 off coupons. We've added more ways to earn points, like reviewing products when you receive a review request email, and we're working on more!

*RDQ Rewards are NOT retroactive and only add to your account if you make the purchase while signed in. Currently the program is set up for what equates to about 4% back via discounts. This rate may change.

*Rewards points on your account expire if you do not have any account activity (buying an item or using points) in a 6 month period. If you purchase something or spend points then that resets the 6 month expiration on all of your rewards points.