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FIVE33 TinyTrainer V2 3" Micro Frame Kit w/out TPU

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Tiny Trainer V2: improved on the V1 with an arm removal system that uses steel M3 screws, quick-fix canopy design, and integrated injection-molded camera mount. Arms are 3mm thick, break one in the field? Just take off the motor, unscrew the arm, and bolt on a new one. Canopy opens with two screws for full access to internals. Camera mount supports 30-60 and 5-25 degree angles. The perfect frame looking to train those tight lines in races. 

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STL Files available here:


  • Canopy Color: Black 
  • Motor Bolt Mounting: 9x9mm & 12x12mm
  • Stack Mounting: 16x16mm & 25.5x25.5mm
  • Arm Thickness: 3mm


  • 1x FIVE33 TinyTrainer V2 3" Micro Frame Kit w/out TPU