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Flywoo VRX 1G2-1G3 Dual 9CH 1.2/1.3GHz Analog Goggle Receiver Module

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Flywoo 1G2-1G3 VRX boasts a wide 9CH range from 1080-1360MHz and two Y-shaped 1.2G antennas for stable signal connectivity. Alongside, the included Notch Filter (868/915 MHz) which filters out other similar frequencies for clear FPV visuals.

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  • Wide Receiving Frequency Range: The FLYWOO1.2/1.3GHz Dual VRX Video Receiver has a receiving frequency range of 9CH, covering a wide range from 1080MHz to 1360MHz.
  • Dual Antenna Design: With two Y-shaped 1.2G antennas, the Flywoo receiver module ensures stable and reliable signal reception for an uninterrupted FPV experience.
  • Notch Filter Included: The FLYWOO 1.2GHz VRX Notch Filter (868/915 MHz) included in the box helps eliminate interference from other devices operating at similar frequencies, ensuring a clear video feed.


  • Receiving Frequency: 9CH (1080MHz to 1360MHz)
  • RX Sensitivity: -95dBm
  • Dual Input: 5V/2.54 9 PIN socket, compatible with FATSHARK/SKYZONE FPV Goggles
  • Button Control: Lock and Select Frequency
  • Channel LED: 9CH LED
  • Current Consumption: 0.4A @5V
  • Video Format: NTSC or PAL
  • Video Output Impedance: 75Ω, Typ.
  • Audio Subcarrier Frequency: 6.5MHz & 6.0MHz
  • ANT. Input Impedance: 50Ω, Typ.
  • RF Connector: SMA

Product User Guide

  • Press and hold the LOCK button for 3 seconds to unlock the channel. The UNLOCK LED will light up, and the buzzer will sound once.
  • Press the CHANNEL button to select the frequency. The LED will light up, and the buzzer will sound once.
  • The RSSI0/RSSI1 LEDs, respectively display the signal strength of the two receiver modules.
  • The new frequency will be saved if no button action is taken within 3 seconds.


  • 1x Flywoo VRX 1G2-1G3 Dual 9CH 1.2/1.3GHz Analog Goggle Receiver Module
  • 2x Flywoo 1.2GHz VRX Notch Filter (868/915 MHz)
  • 2x Flywoo 1.2GHz Antennas