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NeutronRC BLS 8Bit 50A 2-6S 30x30 4in1 ESC

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A budget-friendly option for those looking for powerful 50A 4in1 30x30 ESC for their builds!

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  • Main control chip: EMF8BB21F16G main control chip, operating frequency up to 48MHz, three-in-one IC drive, imported high-quality high-frequency ceramic capacitors. High-end PCB production process, the pad adopts an electroplating copper process to avoid the pad falling off during use. 3 oz thick copper, 4+4 double-layer board design, greatly reduces heat, thus improving efficiency.
  • High-performance 50A ESC: Integrating 4 high-performance 50A ESCs, the integration level is so high, the volume is only about the size of a horizontal wire machine, and the installation and wiring become very simple. This unbelievable size and volume is designed for racing-grade crossovers.
  • Rich functions: adopt BLHeli‑S firmware (optional Blujey firmware), powerful performance, rich functions, support multiple ways to set ESC parameters, or upgrade ESC firmware (such as through the throttle signal line, use other development boards, or Use cleanflight or Betaflight firmware to setup or upgrade ESCs).
  • PWM hardware drive motor: PWM hardware drive motor, low noise, smoother throttle response. Damped Light technology and regenerative braking function make the deceleration of the motor more sensitive and effective, and the control is more precise. Active power-renewal technology restores battery power and prolongs sailing time.
  • Anti-interference and fast response: not only supports ordinary PWM throttle mode, Oneshot125, Oneshot42 and Multshot ultra-high-speed throttle signals, but also supports the latest dshot 150, 300, 600 digital throttle anti-jamming and fast response. The input and output lines are made of soft silicone wire, which is very durable, high-temperature resistant, and easy to weld.


  • Item Type: 4 in 1 50A ESC
  • Weight: Approx. 15g/
  • Material: electronic components
  • Colour: Black+Green
  • ESC size: about 42 x 40 mm
  • Fixing hole: Approx. 30.5 x 30.5 mm/1.2 x 1.2 inches
  • Fixed aperture: M3
  • Working voltage: 2-6S
  • Maximum continuous working current: 50A
  • Maximum instantaneous current: 60A
  • Supports: DSHOT150, 300, 600, PWM, Oneshot125, Oneshot42 and Multshot
  • Software: BLHeliSuite/Blujey
  • Firmware version: BL16.7
  • Application: Suitable for unmanned remote control drones and FPV vehicles, etc.


  • 1x NeutronRC BLS 8Bit 50A 2-6S 30x30 4in1 ESC