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HGLRC SPECTER 1404 4800Kv Micro Motor

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Enjoy a powerful, smooth ride with the HGLRC SPECTER 1404 4800Kv Micro Motor. It features 7075 high-strength integrated rotors, an anodizing two-color process, and N52H arc-shaped magnetic steel for improved performance. 

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  • Brand new rotor appearance design, anodized two-color process
  • 7075 aviation aluminum material, high-strength one-piece rotor
  • Customized N52H curved magnetic steel, strong magnetism, high torque
  • Super high temperature resistant 200°C copper wire winding, the motor runs more stably.
  • Imported Kawasaki silicon steel sheets, low loss stator, reduce heat generation and improve efficiency.
  • New and optimized tuning, maintain high torque at low speed, linear power
  • output when the throttle changes rapidly, and precise and fast response when turning
  • Alloy Steel Outlet Shaft, high strength and reduce the weight of the fuselage


  • Motor Model: 1404
  • KV: 4800
  • Magnetic pole: 9N12P
  • Magnetic steel: N52H
  • Stator: Kawasaki1200
  • Rotor: 7075
  • Bearing: ISC
  • Winding: 200°C high temperature resistant copper wire
  • High current: 15.1A
  • Max Power 223W
  • Suitable propeller: 2.5-4"
  • Motor size: Φ19.13mx 12.25mm
  • Mounting hole: 4xM2-∅9
  • Weight: 10g (Including wire)
  • Material quality: Alloy steel


  • 1x HGLRC SPECTER 1404 4800Kv Micro Motor