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BetaFPV Pavo Pico HD 81mm Cinewhoop Frame (HD Digital Version) - Black

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Pavo Pico is the tiniest 2S Sub100g DJI O3 Cinewhoop frame, working with other popular HD digital VTX such as Walksnail Avatar Pro Kit, Vista Kit, etc. After testing with pilots, this frame has been upgraded by lowering the battery slot height and adding filters and camera protection parts. These updates enhance the camera and HD digital VTX, to give pilots an unparalleled flying experience.

The Pavo Pico is an all-new HD 81mm cinewhoop with 45mm props that is designed to be the smallest 2S-3S, sub100g build.

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  • HD digital VTX bracket made of lightweight and tough injection-molded PP material with an adjusted structure to prevent HD VTX displacement or loss after the crash.
  • Incorporating an angle-limited lens protection print and DJI O3 series filters, It is recommended to purchase, which can increase safety and improve visual quality.
  • The Rubber Damper Vibration damping design reduces low-frequency vibrations and is used with GyroFlow stabilization software for a stable and clear camera image during high-speed flight.
  • To accommodate a wider range of battery sizes, the main body of the frame can be trimmed through DIY methods. Additionally, larger batteries can be installed by using battery straps or printed components.
  • The DJI O3 can be directly installed, while Avatar and Vista require a 20x20 mounting plate and screws (included) for fixation. The naked frame is suitable for users who DIY refit and assemble the HD VTX by themselves.
  • We offer a wider range of colors for the Pavo Pico frames, giving you even more options to choose from. Whether you prefer a bold and bright hue or a more subdued shade, we have a color that will suit your style. You can choose your favorite color or collect them all to create your own unique mix-and-match cinewhoop.

    Pavo Pico Frame Kit

    We used ultra-light PP material to make the HD VTX mounting bracket, increasing its toughness. The antenna fixing slot and frame have been fused to reduce damage risk, while the camera's installation height has been lowered with a protective printed part to limit its movable angle to within 30°. Additionally, an O3 filter can be used to protect the lens and enhance image quality. We have incorporated a unique rubber damper vibration-damping design, used with GyroFlow stabilization software, which greatly enhances safety and ensures a smooth, HD image output. When you screw the die-cast screws, please DO NOT screw them too tight to leave room for rubber dampers to absorb vibration. It may cause jello in the video footage.

    Click to watch the installation guide video for DJI O3 Air Unit on Pavo Pico.

    And The whoop quadcopter package includes the DJI O3 HD Digital VTX Antenna Mount.

    DJI O3 Vibration Problem

    To tackle the challenge of vibration on many whoop drones, the DJI O3 unit is mounted on a carbon fiber plate with 4 rubber dampers. This innovative design ensures peak performance and perfect stability.


    To improve video quality when recording with DJI O3 HD VTX, turn off its electronic stabilization and use GyroFlow stabilization software. When fixing the HD VTX bracket with M1.4*10 screws, ensure that the nut just touches the shock-absorbing ball. The Jello effect may occur during the above installation due to 2 reasons:
    • The VTX bracket is over-tightened with the screw and the rubber dumper is totally deformed. To solve this, make sure that the screw is tightened just enough to touch the shock-absorbing ball and keep the ball and bracket loose.
    • If It is a large deformation of the frame or quadcopter blades, replace the frame or blades with larger vibrations if necessary.
    Note: use acetate tape to bind motor wires and prevent them from drooping and interfering with the propeller's rotation.

    Upgrade Low Profile Design

    After collecting feedback through the BETA TEST, we lowered the height of the HD VTX mounting bracket and whoop duct from 60.6mm to 51.5mm and the battery compartment results in a more low profile on the cinewhoop. 

    Pilots can further customize their cinewhoop with DIY options such as battery straps or printable components, allowing for compatibility with a variety of battery sizes. This enables pilots to tailor and enhance their cinewhoop to meet their specific requirements and preferences. Steps as follow:

    Pavo Pico Brushless Whoop Quadcopter


    • Item: Pavo Pico Brushless Whoop Frame
    • Material: PA12
    • Wheelbase: 80.8mm
    • Battery Slot Size: 16mmx12.7mm
    • Camera Installation Spacing: 19mm/20mm
    • Color: Black
    • Weight: 11.62g
    • Motor Mounting Hole Position: 3-M1.4-φ6.6mm
    • FC Pattern: 26×26mm, suitable for F4 1S 12A AIO Brushless FC V3


    • 1x BetaFPV Pavo Pico HD 81mm  Cinewhoop Frame (HD Digital Version) - Black