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SpeedyBee Bee35 Pro 3.5" Micro Frame - LED Version

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The brand-new Bee35 Pro - Now available with customizable LED light strip!

The SpeedyBee Bee35 3.5-Inch Frame Kit is the perfect tool for any cinewhoop pilot looking for a bit more power to capture stunning pictures and videos, freestyle cruising, and exploring your flight zones. Durable, effective, and resilient, the frame kit is great for both beginners and veterans with its tough prop guards that can survive rough handling.

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  • Custom-made aluminum alloy head to protect the O3 effectively without obstruction.
  • Customized silicone shock absorption O3 lens, eliminates the 'jelly' effect.
  • Custom-designed bottom aluminum alloy for heat dissipation, integrating seamlessly with O3 and RunCam Link. Includes a convenient Type-C port and memory card slot for easy frequency tuning.
  • Compatibility with 20x20mm, 25x25mm, and 30.5x30.5mm stacks.
  • Battery support featuring both horizontal and vertical binding designs for enhanced durability and easy installation.
  • Connects to the flight controller without disassembling the drone, supporting both Type-C and micro interfaces.
  • Ultra-strong injection-molded protective ring with a cutout for simple LED light strip installation.
  • A comprehensive set of printed parts: GoPro mount / 121GPS mount / multifunctional antenna mount / T-shaped antenna mount.
  • Adjustable GPS mount for MASTER 5 V2 GPS, including a standard 121GPS mount.
  • Option for a detachable shock-absorbing gimbal (sold separately).

Quick Release Solution

Only 6 screws are to be removed for freeing drone body and propeller guard.

SpeedyBee Bee35 Pro - LED Version SpeedyBee Bee35 Pro LED Version

Aerospace-grade Aluminum Front Plate

The aviation-grade aluminum headpiece provides excellent protection for the lens, and it is embedded with custom silicone damping material, resulting in effective anti-vibration performance for the lens. The GyroFlow effect is enhanced for better stability.

SpeedyBee Bee35 Pro LED Version

100% efficient heat dissipation

We have found that the O3 video transmitter shuts down due to high CPU temperatures during prolonged high-temperature operation. To address this issue, we have specially designed a 7075-T aerospace-grade aluminum component for the O3 video transmitter, doubling its heat dissipation efficiency! Additionally, it features 20x20 mounting screw holes, making it compatible with Link, TX800, and other 20-hole video transmitters.

Note: The test data is conducted at an ambient temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. The actual performance may vary depending on the temperature of the usage environment.

SpeedyBee Bee35 Pro LED Version

Custom-made aerospace-grade aluminum components

Specially designed to solve the TF card insertion issue of O3 without disassembly. Easily insert the card without any hassle. It also features a dedicated frequency position for O3 and Link video transmitters, making it super convenient for Type-C connection!

SpeedyBee Bee35 Pro LED Version


135° wide-angle without dark corners.

SpeedyBee Bee35 Pro LED Version

Two battery installation methods

Super convenient battery strap design allows for horizontal or vertical battery mounting.

SpeedyBee Bee35 Pro LED Version

Super durable injection-molded ring

Made of high-strength imported composite material with built-in LED strip mounting groove.

Compatible with Meteor LED

Offers seven preset basic effects and allows for wireless customization of your personal lighting styles through the app.


SpeedyBee Bee35 Pro LED Version


SpeedyBee Bee35 Pro LED Version

Compatible with flight towers

Supports installation of various flight towers and AIO (All-In-One) boards in sizes of 20x20, 25.5x25.5 (45° 90°), and 30.5x30.5

20-hole MINI flight tower —— Recommended (Perfect fit)
25.5-hole AIO flight controller —— Recommended (Perfect fit)
30.5-hole standard flight tower —— Not recommended (Installation is compact and requires some hands-on skills)

SpeedyBee Bee35 Pro LED Version

Multi-function antenna mount

Type-C adapter cable directly plugs into the flight controller without disassembling the aircraft.

SpeedyBee Bee35 Pro LED Version

SpeedyBee Bee35 Pro LED Version

SpeedyBee Bee35 Pro LED Version


  • Wheelbase: 153mm
  • Top Plate Thickness: 3.5mm
  • Bottom Plate Thickness: 2mm
  • Camera Mounting Distance: 19/20mm
  • ESC/Motor Mounting Height: 24mm
  • Flight Stack Mounting Holes: 20x20/25.5x25.5/30.5x30.5mm
  • Video Transmitter Mounting Holes: 20x20/25.5x25.5
  • Propeller Size: 90mm
  • Motor Mounting Holes: 12x12mm
  • Weight: 138g
  • CNC Heat Sink: 15g
  • Camera Gimbal: 28g
  • Recommended Motor: 1806/2004/2006
  • Recommended KV: 4S/2500-3500KV, 6S/1800-2300KV
  • Recommended Battery: 900-1500mAh 4S/6S


  • 1x SpeedyBee Bee35 Pro 3.5" Frame - LED Version
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