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CraftedKwads Freshman 5" Freestyle Frame Kit

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Check out the Craftedkwads Freshman 5" Freestyle Frame Kit

The Freshman is the result of two years of R&D, in a quest to make an open, accessible basher that was unique and didn't compromise. The Freshman is all that and more

The Freshman is a true X frame, which mounts arms via two points, and has a channel for stack screws to fully clear. A good taper at the base, large bracing, and a very large and radial arm end makes it perfect for a basher.

Phenomenally performing, immensely durable, incredibly open, and good looking, the Freshman can be thrown at any spot you take it to, and fly right out at the end of a session looking as good as ever. 

Learn more about the Freshman

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  • Durable— The Freshman was designed for one usecase in mind: Bashin
  • Open— Fits almost every modern system and component, incredibly spacious
  • Easy to repair— Arms are fully independent of stack screws, attached by two outer screws. Top plate is held on by 6 bolts, easily removed.
  • Fascinating form— Beautiful and strong, large but sleek
  • Optimal freestyle performance— True X stance for those nice characteristics, immense durability for those constant crashes, and fantastic vibrational performance for those locked in tunes
  • Incredibly stiff— arms widen at base and brace against each other with a total contacting area of 149mm^2


  • Motor mounting: 16x16 m3 four-point, 19x19 m3 four-point
  • Central mounting: 30.5x30.5 (m3), 20x20 (m3)
  • Rear mounting: 30.5x30.5 (m3), 25.5x25.5 (m2), and 20x20 (m2)
  • Camera mounting: Micro (single-point or Ø6mm two-point m2)
  • Prop size: up to 5.1"
  • Wheelbase: 240mm
  • Stance: True X
  • Weight: 136g (all essential parts)


    • 1x Craftedkwads Freshman 5" Freestyle Frame Kit
    • 1x Top Plate, 2.5mm thick Carbon Fiber
    • 1x Body Plate, 2.5mm thick Carbon Fiber
    • 1x Bottom Plate, 2.5mm thick Carbon Fiber
    • 4x Arm, 5mm thick Carbon Fiber
    • 6x m2x25mm standoff, Aluminum
    • 6x m3x12mm screw, Stainless Steel
    • 2x m3x16mm screw, Stainless Steel
    • 10x m3x8mm screw, Stainless Steel
    • 1x Bumper, TPU
    • 1x camera mount set, TPU
    • 1x XT60 mount, TPU
    • 4x Arm Guard, TPU
    • 1x Craftedkwads Sticker