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DaddyLovesQuads Asbo X HD Toothpick (Rev. 2) 3" Micro Frame Kit - 6mm

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MambaFPV has been flying DLQFPV and 8bit Micro frames for the last two years. He came to me with a special request. He wanted to take the 8bit nebula he loved so much but give it a Mambafpv twist. We ended up with a tank, that is cut from 6mm 3k Carbon Fiber. Along with Custom TPU Canopy and TPU arm guards this frame is a beast. Supports 25x25 (whoop style) AIO FC.

(Rev. 2) Frame has been updated to be even more durable with some modifications made to widen the arms at the base. We also went with a 1mm Mamba inlay on either side to made milling easier for our cutter. All frames still carry a one year warranty as long as your build is within the frame specs.

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  • Wheelbase: 120mm
  • Size: 3"
  • 3K carbon
  • Motor Mounting: 9x9mm/12x12mm M2


    • 1x Daddy Loves Quads Asbo X (Rev. 2) 3" Toothpick Frame Kit 
    • 6mm 3K carbon frame
    • 12 M2 8mm motor mount screws
    • 4 M2 14mm FC and Canopy mounting screws (digital)
    • 4 M2 steel nylon lock nuts
    • 4 TPU Arm guards and 1 Canopy vista compatible