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(PRE-ORDER) GEPRC BNF CineBot30 4S 3" Analog Cinewhoop - PNP

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Taking your drone photography to the next level, the new series Cinebot30, take you to the real world, shooting extreme footage.

Cinebot30 is a new generation of Cinematic FPV drone developed by GEPRC team. The high-strength 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy bracket for FPV camera escort, the combination of classic engineering and aesthetics. The newly polished gimbal damping module can easily fix high-frequency vibration and jello issues. It can be mounted with GEPRC Naked GoPro Hero 8 and GoPro Black Bones, Insta 360 GO2 and other cameras. The image is stable and clear, and it’s easy to film.

Adopts high-strength one-piece injection-molded propeller guard and high-toughness and impact-resistant PC material for injection molding. A ring-shaped Cob light strip is embedded in the propeller guard, and the light effect is carefully tuned. High-strength grain-cut carbon fiber sheet, the overall strength of the fuselage is upgraded again!

Cinebot30 will be equipped with a powerful 1804 motor with optimized motor magnetic circuit and surging torque, which can easily cope with ultra-low altitude shooting. With HQ prop T76mmx3 propeller, it gets the lowest noise effect in its class. Using GEP-F722-45A AIO v2 flight controller, higher performance redundancy, and easy handling of unexpected situations. Finely polished frame design, only 6 screws need to be removed to separate the aircraft top plate and protection frame. Easy to cope with the urgent need to replace the accessories, at any time to restore the state.

Tuned by GEPRC professionals, the Cinebot30 is a Cinematic FPV that performs both indoor and outdoor flights equally well. The Cinebot30 explores endless possibilities for your drone shots!

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  • Design that combines engineering and aesthetics.
  • Quick-disassembly design, only need to remove 6 screws to upgrade or replace parts.
  • Selected high-toughness and impact-resistant PC material for injection molding.
  • Aviation 7075 aluminum alloy camera mounting bracket and fuselage aluminum column.
  • Propeller guard embedded ring Cob light strip, carefully tuned light effect. Color brightness in the day and night can be clearly displayed.
  • The newly developed gimbal shock absorption structure can disintegrate high frequency jitter and jello effect. Easily carry a variety of action cameras.
  • Powerful 1804 motor, surging torque to deal with ultra-low altitude flight at will.
  • With the new GEP-F722-45A AIO V2, stable performance, more secure flight
  • Four kinds of FPV system with the program, choose to belong to your first-person view
  • Tuned by GEPRC professionals, delicate and silky flying feel


  • Input Voltage: 3-4S
  • Wheelbase:127mm
  • Isolation Plate:2mm
  • Main plate:3mm
  • Bottom plate:1.5mm
  • Motors: SPEEDX2 1804-3450KV
  • Propellor: HQ prop T76mmx3 propeller
  • Antenna: Peano 5.8G 110mm RHCP MMCX Antenna
  • Camera: Caddx ratel 2
  • Weight: 206.4g

    GEPRC GEP-F722-45A AIO

    • Model: Cinebot30 HD Nebula PRO Quadcopter
    • Gyro: BMI270/42688 gyro/accelerometer(SPI)
    • OSD: Yes
    • ESC Connections: Yes
    • Firmware: GEP-F722-45A AIO
    • BEC: 5V 1A
    • Current Sensor: Yes
    • Buzzer: no
    • Barometer: No
    • Input Voltage: 2-4S LiPo
    • MCU: STM32F722RET6
    • IMU: ICM-42688-P
    • Stack Size: 25x25mm
    • Dimensions: 32x32xmm
    • Weight: 8.8g


      • 1x GEPRC BNF CineBot30 4S 3" Analog Cinewhoop - Choose Version
      • 2  x  HQProp T76MM(pair)
      • 1  x  Battery strap M15x200mm
      • 1  x  Battery strap M15x220mm
      • 2  x  Battery Silicone Pads
      • 1  x  Set of screws
      • 1  x  Set of screwdrivers
      • 1  x  GoPro camera mount holder
      • 1  x  Set of screws
      • 1  x  Set of screwdrivers
      • 1  x  Antenna fixed tube