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Skyzone Steadyview X 5.8GHz Diversity FPV Goggle Receiver Module

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The Steadyview X receiver is the upgrade to the steadyview receiver, and with upgrades, comes new features justifying another buy, for more happy drone pilot experiences. This receiver merges two signals into one, thus avoiding image tearing and rolling in multi-path environments, making the image more stable and clear in challenging conditions. The RX has IPS screen and shuttle wheel, which can be use to set the RX. Expect to see a  ground station KIT, giving you the user the ability use any other goggles or monitors which have AV IN port. Also the steadyview X have ELRS backpack build in, user can use ELRS TX backpack and Lua scrip to synchronize the VTX and VRX.

The SKYZONE SteadyView X 5.8Ghz IPS Screen Receiver Module has a direct combability and is ideal with Skyzone SKY04X V2 OLED Diversity 5.8GHz FPV Goggles 

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  • IPS Screen
  • Shuttle Wheel control
  • Ground Station Kit
  • ELRS backpack building
  • Cooling Fan


  • High sensitivity receiver: -98dBm±1dBm
  • Wild range voltage input: 2~6S lipo
  • USB C: support firmware update or power on the RX
  • 3.5mm: Video and Audio output


    • 1x SteadyView X Receiver Module with Ground Station KIT
    • 1x SKY04X Module Bay Cover
    • 1x SKYZONE Cobra Module Bay Cover 
    • 1x Fatshark Module Bay Cover
    • 1x Antenna Patch 
    • 1x Antenna Omni 
    • 1x 3.5mm AV out Cable 
    • 1x XT60-DC5.5x2. Cable

    Wiring Diagram