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VAS Walksnail VRX Crosshair XTreme Mini Mod - Choose Polarization

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Polarization: RHCP
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When looking at the performance of today's HD Video systems, it was clear that something was lacking. The lack of integrated antenna upgrades specifically for the Walksnail HD Video Receiver system lets a great VRX down. First we decided to come up with a 3D model that could be printed and house our Crosshair Xtreme antennas but that resulted in a much too large cover, that didn't really look like it belonged. Then after much thought and discussion, we decided a single piece injection molded solution was needed. The result, the Walksnail VRX Crosshair™ Xtreme Mini Mod, a direct bolt on replacement of the front two stock patch antennas. Outfitted with 2 Crosshair™ Xtreme Minis, this mod is a great upgrade for both racers and freestyle pilots looking to push their flying to longer ranges or around objects that normally cause too much signal degradation. 

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  • Gain: 10dbic
  • Axial ratio: 0.99 (measured)
  • Bandwidth: 5300Mhz-6400MHz
  • Flight beam: 120 degrees
  • -3db point: +/- 30 degrees
  • Connector: u.fl x2


  • 1x VAS Walksnail VRX Crosshair XTreme Mini Mod - Choose Polarization